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Samanid, Ibrahim b. Ahmad, rebel, Gold Dinar.
Samanid, Ibrahim b. Ahmad, rebel (AH 335 / 947 AD), Gold Dinar, Nishapur, AH 335, 4.23g (Album 1458). About very fine and very rare....
George I 1717 Proof Halfpenny
George I (1714-27), copper Proof Halfpenny, 1717, engraved by John Croker, laureate and cuirassed bust right, Latin legend within li...
Victoria 1887 Penny
Victoria (1837-1901), bronze Penny, 1887, laureate "bun style" bust left, legend and toothed border surrounding, VICTORIA ...
George III 1806 Halfpenny
George III (1760-1820), copper Halfpenny, 1806, small laureate and draped bust right, K raised on hatched truncation for engraver C ...
Aurangzeb, Gold Mohur, Akbarabad.
India, Mughal Empire, Aurangzeb (AH 1068-1118 / 1658-1707 AD), Gold Mohur, Akbarabad, AH 1091, year 24, 10.94g (KM 315.5). A type wi...
Victoria 1858 Farthing
Victoria (1837-1901), copper Farthing, 1858, young filleted head left, w.w. incuse on truncation for engraver William Wyon, date bel...
Edward VIII 1937 matt Proof Threepence
Edward VIII (Jan-Dec 1936), half-silver matt Proof Threepence, 1937, bare head left, HP below for designer T Humphrey Paget, Latin l...
James I second coinage gold Spur Ryal
James I (1603-25), gold Spur-Ryal of Fifteen Shillings, second coinage (1604-19), King standing in warship sailing left, large quart...
Richard II Noble, Tower Mint, type IVa
Richard II (1377-99), gold Noble, Tower Mint, type IVa, obverse legend with scallop shell after DI and GRA, pellet on rudder? King s...
Aurangzeb, Gold Mohur, Golkanda.
India, Mughal Empire, Aurangzeb (AH 1068-1118 / 1658-1707 AD), Gold Mohur, Golkanda, AH 1086, year 29, 10.98g (KM 315.18). Almost co...
Muwahhid/Muwahhid style, Gold Dinar mule.
Muwahhid/Muwahhid style, Gold Dinar, obv. Abu Abd Allah Muhammad (AH 610-20 / 1213-24 AD), rev. Abu Hafs Umar (AH 646-65 / 1266-69 A...
George III 1770 proof Halfpenny PR65BN
George III (1760-1820), copper Proof Halfpenny, 1770, laureate and cuirassed bust right, Latin legend and toothed border surrounding...
Edward VI 1551 Halfcrown
Edward VI (1547-53), silver Halfcrown, 1551, Tower Mint, armoured King on horseback right with sword, walking caparisoned horse with...
Ireland, Victoria 1900 Pattern Forty Pence PF62
Ireland, Victoria (1837-1901), Private Pattern Forty Pence, September 1900, struck by John Pinches for Reginald Huth, in the style o...
Fatimid, Gold Dinar, Dimashq, AH443.
Fatimid, al-Mustansir Abu Tamin Ma'add (AH 427-487 / 1036-1094 AD), Gold Dinar, Dimashq, AH 443, 3.93g (Album 719A). A little cl...
George II 1728 Proof Sixpence PF65
George II (1727-60), Proof silver Sixpence, 1728, young laureate and draped bust left, Latin legend and toothed border surrounding, ...
Constantius II, Gold Solidus
Constantius II (A.D. 337-361), Gold Solidus. Mint of Siscia, struck Spring A.D. 340 - 19th January A.D. 350. FL IVL CONSTAN - TIVS P...
Ottoman Empire, Gold 50-Kurush, Salonika visit.
Ottoman Empire, Muhammad V (AH 1327-1336 / 1909-1918 AD), Gold 50-Kurush, AH 1327//3, mint visit to Salonika, 3.62g (KM 811). Good e...
George III 1805 Pattern Halfpenny
George III (1760-1820), Pattern copper Halfpenny, 1805, restrike by W J Taylor, laureate and draped bust right, legend and toothed b...
Victoria 1881H Halfpenny
Victoria (1837-1901), bronze Halfpenny, 1881 H, struck by the Heaton Mint of Birmingham, "bun" type laureate and draped bu...
William and Mary 1691 Tin Farthing Peck 538
William and Mary (1688-94), tin Farthing, 1691, conjoined laureate and cuirassed busts right, Latin legend and toothed border both s...
Julius Caesar, Silver Denarius
Julius Caesar, Silver Denarius. Minted in Spain, struck 46-45 B.C. Diademed and draped bust of Venus facing left, a star in her ha...
Antoninus Pius, Gold Aureus
Antoninus Pius (A.D. 138-161), Gold Aureus. Mint of Rome, struck A.D. 145-7. ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P, bare-headed and cuirassed bus...
Kushan Empire, Kanishka, Gold Dinar.
Kushan Empire, Kanishka I (c.127-152 AD), Gold Dinar, caped and crowned Kanishka standing facing, head left, holding ankus over a sm...
Elizabeth I gold Crown
Elizabeth I (1558-1603), gold Crown of Five Shillings, struck in 22 carat crown gold, ornate crowned bust in ruff left, crown breaks...