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Elizabeth II 1981 proof Five-Pounds PR68 DEEP CAMEO
Elizabeth II (1952 -), gold proof Five-Pounds, 1981, crowned head right by designer Arnold Machin, Latin legend and toothed border s...
Elizabeth I gold Ship Ryal continental imitation
Elizabeth I (1558-1603), gold Ship Ryal of Fifteen Shillings, Continental issue struck contemporaneously with the English for circul...
Edward I Penny rose on breast
Edward I (1272-1307), silver long cross Penny, class 7a (c.1292-96), London Mint, facing crowned bust, rose on breast, Latin legend ...
Victoria 1875H Farthing
Victoria (1837-1901), bronze Farthing, 1875H, Heaton Mint, laureate "bun style" bust left, 4 berries in wreath, legend and...
Julius Caesar, Silver Denarius
Julius Caesar, Silver Denarius. Minted in Asia, struck 48-47 B.C. Diademed head of Venus facing right, rev. CAESAR, Aeneas advancing...
Henry VI Noble, annulet issue
Henry VI, first reign (1422-61), gold Noble of six shillings and eight pence, Tower Mint, Annulet Issue (c.1422-30), King standing i...
Pertinax, AE Sestertius
Pertinax (A.D. 193), AE Sestertius. Mint of Rome, struck A.D. 193. IMP CAES PHELV - PERTINAX AVG, laureate head of Pertinax facing r...
Muwahhid/Muwahhid style, Gold Dinar mule.
Muwahhid/Muwahhid style, Gold Dinar, obv. Abu Abd Allah Muhammad (AH 610-20 / 1213-24 AD), rev. Abu Hafs Umar (AH 646-65 / 1266-69 A...
Q. Cassius Longinus, Silver Denarius
Q. Cassius Longinus (55 B.C.), Silver Denarius. Mint of Rome. Q CASSIVS - VEST, veiled head of Libertas facing right, rev. temple of...
Anglo Gallic, Edward III Guyennois d'Or, third issue, Bordeaux
Edward III (1327-77), gold Guyennois D'Or, third issue, (c.1362), Bordeaux Mint, armoured crowned figure of King walking right, ...
Durrani, Gold Mohur.
Afghanistan, Durrani Shahs, Ahmad Shah (1747-72), Gold Mohur, Ahmadnagar Farrukhabad, AH 1173//14, 11.16g (KM 105). Ex-mount, cleane...
Scotland James V gold Crown of 20 Shillings
Scotland, James V (1513-42), gold Abbey Crown of Twenty Scottish Shillings, struck in 21 carat gold at Holyrood House, second coinag...
James I gold Half-Laurel mintmark lis on obverse only
James I (1603-25), gold Half-Laurel of Ten Shillings, third coinage (1619-25), fourth laureate and draped bust left, straight ties a...
Victoria 1895 Halfpenny
Victoria (1837-1901), bronze Halfpenny, 1895, older veiled bust left, T.B. below for engraver Thomas Brock, Latin legend and toothed...
Scotland, James VI 1569 Two-Third Ryal
Scotland, James VI (1567-1625), silver Two Thirds Ryal of Twenty Scottish Shillings, 1569, crowned Scottish arms, crowned I to left,...
Richard II Hardi d'Argent, lion in first quarter of reverse
Richard II (1377-99), silver Hardi d'Argent of one sterling, King half-length facing crowned with finger pointing, sword resting...
Victoria 1874 Shilling
Victoria (1837-1901), silver Shilling, 1874, upper serif to 4, die number 55, third young filleted head left, VICTORIA DEI GRATIA BR...
William IV 1831 Proof Half-Sovereign
William IV (1830-37), gold Proof Half-Sovereign, 1831, struck on the small size flan, bare head right, legend and toothed border sur...
Almoravid, Gold ½-Dinar.
Almoravid, Abu Bakr b. 'Umar (AH 448-80 / 1056-87 AD), Gold ½-Dinar, no mint or date, 2.14g (Album -; Hazard -). Edge clipp...
Australia Victoria 1857 Sydney Half-Sovereign
Australia, Victoria (1837-1901), gold Half-Sovereign, Sydney Branch Mint, 1857, second young head left with wreath of banksia in hai...
Elizabeth II 1988 Maundy set
Elizabeth II (1952-), silver Maundy set, 1988, Four, Three, Two and One New Pence, each with young laureate head of Queen right, leg...
Judaea, Bar Kokhba Revolt, Silver Sela, Year 2
Judaea, Bar Kokhba Revolt (132-135 CE), Silver Sela. Dated year 2 (133/4 CE). Paleo-Hebrew legend ('Simon'), tetrastyle fa...
Antonia, AE Dupondius
Antonia Minor (Mother of Claudius), AE Dupondius. Mint of Rome, struck under Claudius c. A.D. 41-50. ANTONIA - AVGVSTA, draped bust ...
Charles I Shilling mm harp
Charles I (1625-49), silver Shilling, Tower Mint, Group D, fourth smaller crowned bust left completely within inner circle, bust 4, ...
Richard II silver Halfpenny, later style III, London
Richard II (1377-99), silver Halfpenny, London Mint, later style with fishtail letters, facing crowned bust with rounded chest in be...