Sicily Akragas Tetradrachm Ancient Greek and Roman Coin Auction

Auction XIII - Last chance for consignment!

Spring auction - Wednesday 29th May

Our consignment deadline is fast approaching, the week of the 29th April. For all auction-related enquiries, please email or call us at +44 (0)203 019 1185.

Royal Mint Great Engravers - Pistrucci's St. George & the Dragon

The first coin of the celebrated Benedetto Pistrucci within the Great Engravers series, making use of the St. George and the Dragon design based upon his 1818 Crown, which would go on to become one of the Royal Mint’s most enduring motifs.

Pistrucci's St. George and the Dragon Order yours now!
Great Engravers Pistrucci gold and silver matte proof Royal Mint

The Collection of an English Doctor

We are delighted to announce the release of the superb English Doctor's collection, celebrating the period of the Anglo-Saxon world through to the Commonwealth.


The Coronation Sovereign 2023 Collection

Sovereign Rarities are proud to present the Royal Mint's Coronation Sovereign 2023 Collection, with proof Sovereigns, Half-Sovereigns and Sets available for purchase.

Click below to view the collection!

Coronation coinage

Notable Sales

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Edward VIII 1937 pattern crown Five Shillings Sold Sovereign Rarities Auctions

The New York Sale XLIX, January 2020

Edward VIII (1936)

Silver Pattern Crown of Five Shillings, 1937
Hammer Price
$300,000 (£230,000),
$360,000 inc. BP

Private Treaty, 2024

Victoria (1837-1901)

Gold Proof Five Pounds, 1839
Hammer Price
Not Available
Henry VIII gold George Noble Sold Sovereign Rarities Auction

Auction 1, September 2018

Henry VIII (1509-47)

Gold George Noble, 1526-44
Hammer Price
£132,000 inc. BP
Gold Una and Lion sold Sovereign Rarities Auction

Auction 1, September 2018

Victoria (1837-1901)

Gold Proof Five Pounds, 1839
Hammer Price
Not Available
Edward VII gold pattern Sovereign Sold by Sovereign Rarities

Private treaty, November 2019

Edward VIII (1936)

Gold Pattern Sovereign, 1937
Hammer Price
Not Available
Charles II Pattern Petition Crown Sold Sovereign Rarities Auction

The New York Sale XLIII, January 2018

Charles II (1660-85)

Silver Pattern 'Petition' Crown, 1662
Hammer Price
$550,000 (£406,000),
$650,000 inc. BP
George IV 1826 proof Five Pounds sold Sovereign Rarities Auction

Auction 4, September 2021

George IV (1820-30)

Gold Proof Five Pounds, 1826
Hammer Price
£144,000 inc. BP
Three Graces gold proof One Kilo sold Sovereign Rarities Auction

Auction 3, April 2021

Elizabeth II (1952-2022)

Gold Proof One Kilo, 2020, The Three Graces
Hammer Price
£144,000 inc. BP

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