The Collection of an English Doctor

Sovereign Rarities are very excited to present the Collection of an English Doctor, the entire assemblage now available as three fixed price lists. The whole group has been put together by a very discerning collector and numismatist of many years standing, with this English element formed diligently over the last few years. The aim was to illustrate the history of the English silver Penny, with the criteria being to collect as many mints and moneyers as possible in the time that was allowed.

The first part of the collection covers the early Anglo-Saxon period from when the Sceattas series ends, with the first transitional piece of Beonna of East Anglia and continues through the various Kings of the Heptarchy, to the Kings of all England with this part concluding at King Aethelred II. There are 24 different Kings or issuing authorities represented in part one with Kings of Kent, Mercia, East Anglia, Wessex and well as Anglo-Viking issues and some Hiberno-Norse at the end.


Part 1: Download the collection PDF. 



Continuing on chronologically from part one, the second portion of the collection contains all of the late Anglo-Saxon coins from Canute onwards as well as all the Norman Kings and some Baronial issues, the total consisting of 104 coins. Highlights to mention are such rare mints as Bruton, Guildford and Warminster for Canute short cross type, as well as a Cambridge quatrefoil type with a brooch like ornament on the neck and a London piece with an extra pellet in the field, out of a total of 27 coins of the reign.


Part 2: Download the collection PDF.


The third and final part of the collection covers the Plantagenet issues from Henry II through to the later medieval Houses of Lancaster and York, continuing to the Tudors, Stuarts, and the Commonwealth, to a total of 145 coins. The silver Penny disappears at this point from English money, only continuing within the Maundy series, and so at this point the collection ends. Highlights of this final section include a rare Heavy Issue Penny of Edward IV, a Boar’s Head issue Penny of Richard III, and a Sovereign Penny of Edward VI, of highest rarity.


Part 3: Download the collection PDF.


To order from a list, the easiest way is to check the current availability on the website by searching for the stock number at the start of each entry in the search option. For example, for Eadberht Praen Penny, open search box, type in GM23630 and the site will display that coin as a tile to click into and see if available to purchase.

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