The Standard Catalogue of British Coins: Coins of England and the United Kingdom

Coins of England and the United Kingdom's Pre-Decimal and Decimal volumes comprise the Standard Catalogue of British Coins. As the custodians of this historic reference work for British Coins, we at Sovereign Rarities are proud to be both preserving the guides' legacies and taking them forward.


This is the only catalogue featuring all major coin types of British coins from Celtic and Roman Britain through to the pre-decimal coinage of Her Late Majesty Elizabeth II, arranged in chronological order and divided, within each reign, into metals, coinages, denominations and varieties.

The catalogue includes useful information explaining numismatic terms and guides beginners with their budding coin collections, as well as providing independently-agreed up-to-date values for each and every coin. Hammered British coinage is seen from our Celtic predecessors, through Roman, Anglo-Saxon and Norman, Plantagenet, Lancastrian and Yorkist, up to Tudor and Stuart, in which periods British milled coins are being produced for the first time, specifically during the reign of Elizabeth I in 1561.

Coins have been used by states or monarchs for millennia to communicate with their peoples; Coins of England as such is not only a collectors reference book, but provides an insight into British history itself, shedding light upon the land's culture, religion, politics and technological development. Over 3,000 price changes were made in the latest edition to reflect market movement across the past year.


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 The 2024 Pre-decimal and Decimal volumes, as produced by Spink and Son Ltd.


The 10th edition of the Decimal volume comprises the entirety of the decimal coinage minted by the Royal Mint during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II since 1971, and subsequently the coinage of King Charles III.

Sets and commemorative issues are also reflected, as well as coins from exclusive Royal Mint series such as the Great Engravers, Queen's Beasts and City Views ranges, giving a full and accurate display of our modern British coinage.

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