Satraps of Caria, Hidrieus, Silver Tetradrachm

Satraps of Caria, Hidrieus, Silver Tetradrachm

Satraps of Caria, Hidrieus (c. 351/0-344/3 B.C.), Silver Tetradrachm. Mint of Halikarnassos. Head of Apollo facing, slightly inclined to the right, with hair flowing, a chlamys fastened around neck, rev. IΔPIEΩΣ, Zeus Labraundos walking right, holding a labrys and a spear, small E beside feet, 14.82g., 1h (S. Hurter, 'The 'Pixodaros' Hoard: A Survey', in Studies M.J. Price (1998), pl. 33, 46 (this coin); SNG von Aulock 8046). Of beautiful style, the head of Apollo with a captivating gaze, a small area of residual silver chloride deposit that has been gently smoothed on reverse, grey-purple cabinet toning, nearly extremely fine.


From the Pixodaros Hoard
Ex E. Milas Collection, Leu 54, 28 April 1992, lot 142
Ex Gorny & Mosch 159, 8 October 2007, lot 213


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