Kyrenaika, Kyrene, Gold stater

Kyrenaika, Kyrene, Gold stater

Kyrenaika, Kyrene (c. 331-322 B.C.), Gold Stater. Magistrate Aristagoras. Charioteer, holding a kentron and reins, driving a slow quadriga, seen in three-quarter perspective, left, APIΣTAΓOPAΣ in exergue, rev. KYPANAIΩN, Zeus-Ammon standing, facing three-quarters to right, holding a sceptre and resting his left hand on his hip; in the background at his feet, a ram standing right, 8.68g., 7h (Naville 73e (this coin); BMC 106 (these dies); SNG Copenhagen -; Boston 1319 (these dies)). A very rare issue, with a fantastic old pedigree stretching back to the late nineteenth century, very fine to good very fine, with beautifully composed types seen in perspective.

Ex Viscount Gustave Ponton d'Amécourt Collection, Hoffman, 28 April 1886, lot 151
Ex Rollin & Feuardent, 9 May 1910, lot 690
Ex Naville V, 18 June 1923, lot 2945
Ex Lucien Naville Collection
Ex Sotheby's, 5 July 1985, lot 88
Ex Dr. Lawrence A. Adams Collection