William IV 1837 Halfpenny

William IV 1837 Halfpenny

William IV (1830-37), copper Halfpenny, 1837, bare head right, w.w. incuse on truncation for engraver William Wyon, date below, legend and toothed border surrounding, GULIELMUS IIII DEI GRATIA, rev. Britannia seated right with trident and shield, raised line on saltire of shield, legend and toothed border surrounding, BRITANNIAR: REG: FID: DEF: emblems in exergue, weight 9.50g (Peck 1465; S.3847). Toned with a hint of lustre, a pleasing extremely fine.

The Latin legends translates on obverse as "William IV by the Grace of God," and on the reverse "King of the Britains, Defender of the Faith."


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