Victoria 1887 proof Double-Florin

Victoria 1887 proof Double-Florin

Victoria (1837-1901), silver Proof Double-Florin of Four Shillings, 1887, Arabic 1 in date, crowned and veiled Jubilee type bust left, J.E.B. on truncation for engraver Joseph Edgar Boehm, Latin legend and toothed border surrounding both sides, VICTORIA DEI GRATIA, rev. crowned cruciform shields, sceptres in angles, garter star at centre, date either side of top crown, Latin legend and toothed border surrounding, BRITT: REG: FID: DEF: (Bull 2698; L&S 98; Davies 541; ESC 396; S.3923). Attractively toned, practically as struck, has been graded and slabbed by Coin Grading Service UK as UNC82.

CGS UK certification 12919.DF.V1.1887.04


The Latin legends translates on obverse as "Victoria by the Grace of God," and on the reverse as "Queen of the Briton's, Defender of the Faith."


London Coin Grading Service as it is now termed, claim that grade 85 in their 100 point system is a traditional "choice UNC" and equates to an American Sheldon scale of 64-65.


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