Victoria 1845 Crown

Victoria 1845 Crown

Victoria (1837-1901), silver Crown, 1845, young filleted head left, date below, legend and toothed surrounding, VICTORIA DEI GRATIA, rev. crowned quartered shield of arms within wreath, emblems below, BRITANNIARUM REGINA FID: DEF: edge inscribed with incuse lettering and cinquefoil stops, DECUS ET TUTAMEN* ANNO REGNI VIII* (Bull 2562; Davies 433; ESC 281; S.3882). With a few light nicks and surface marks, otherwise toned practically extremely fine.

The Latin legends translates on obverse as "Victoria by the Grace of God," and on the reverse "Queen of the Britain's, Defender of the Faith."

The legend on the edge translates as "An ornament and a safeguard in the eight year of her reign."


Ex Morton and Eden, Auction 80, 13th June 2016, lot 696 part.