Victoria 1839/43 proof Halfpenny, unusual overdate

Victoria 1839/43 proof Halfpenny, unusual overdate

Victoria (1837-1901), Bronzed Proof copper Halfpenny, 1839, 39 of date struck over 43, young filleted head left, W:W. on truncation, date below, legend and toothed border surrounding, VICTORIA DEI GRATIA, rev. struck en medaille, Britannia seated right with trident and shield, legend and toothed border surrounding, BRITANNIAR: REG: FID: DEF: emblems in exergue, weight 9.24g (Peck 1523; S.3949). A couple of small belmishes each side, otherwise toned, practically as struck, the more unusual overdate variety, very rare.

The Latin legends translates on obverse as "Victoria by the Grace of God," and on the reverse as "Queen of the Briton's, Defender of the Faith."


The unusual overdate was generated by the fact that the 1839 Proof Sets from which such coins emanate were not all sold at the time of their date but continued to be sold up to 15 years afterwards and some even beyond. Therefore it seems with the Halfpenny at least, the 1839 proper die pieces ran out and a restriking was required. This meant having to source a new proof die at the Mint, and it seems an 1843 dated Halfpenny die was selected for the proof polishing process once the date had been altered. Therefore we see 1839 dated proof Halfpennies that were made after the year 1843 with a date altered from 1843.


Ex Colin Cooke List, July 2016 item 816.


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