US and Colonial interest, Effingham, 1791.

US and Colonial interest, Effingham, 1791.

Thomas Howard (1747-1791), Lord Effingham, Death, 1791, Silver Medal, by John Milton, bare head left, rev. Britannia seated with spear, shield and cornucopia overflowing with coins, PRO PATRIÆ, biographical details around edge, 35mm (BHM 353; Eimer 844). Toned, extremely fine.

Effingham was Master of the Mint 1784-89.


Considered a neutralist regarding the American War of Independence, Thomas Lord Effingham is nevertheless famous for resigning his military commission in protest against the war. In recognition of this, in America, the then colonists named a frigate after Effingham, as well as counties in several states.


He died while Governor in Jamaica.


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