Thessaly, Larissa, Silver Stater

Thessaly, Larissa, Silver Stater

Thessaly, Larissa (c. 356-342 B.C.), Silver Stater. Head of nymph Larissa facing, slightly inclined to the left, her hair bound with an ampyx, rev. ΛAPI-Σ-[AI]Ω[N], bridled horse pacing right, 12.23g., 1h (BCD Thessaly II 306 (these dies); Lorber & Shahar type 2, series A, dies O3/R3). Very well-struck in high relief, of beautiful style, extremely fine and a superb work of numismatic art.


Purchased privately from E. Waddell in the early 1990s
Ex Herbert & Aphrodite Rubin Collection