Sheffield Younge gold Half-Guinea

Sheffield Younge gold Half-Guinea

19th Century Token, struck in gold, Yorkshire, Sheffield, Younge, Wilson & Younge, gold Half-Guinea Token, 1812, engraved by Halliday, phoenix dramatically rising from the flames, legend and toothed border surrounding, YOUNGE. WILSONS & YOUNGE. / SHEFFIELD, rev. value10.6 at centre, s over 10 and d over 6, legend in two concentric arrangements surround, STANDARD GOLD and YORKSHIRE TOKEN 1812, engrailed edge, weight 3.23g (Davis 37; Dalton 84). Light tone, some surface marks and nicks, a few short hairline scratches mainly on reverse, otherwise almost extremely fine and very rare.

Younge, Wilsons & Younge, button manufacturers in Sheffield, would have had access to the machinery needed to strike coins as well as buttons, though it is not understood exactly why they would issue larger value gold tokens. Only three gold tokens were issued in the early 19th Century - the vast majority were produced more cheaply in copper and silver, when there was a shortage of small change coins in Great Britain during the war against Napoleon.

Ex Baldwin Auction 46, 4th May 2006, lot 2535.


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