Sextus Pompey, Silver Denarius

Sextus Pompey, Silver Denarius

Sextus Pompey, Silver Denarius. Minted in Sicily, struck 37-36 B.C. [MAG PIV]S IMP ITER, head of Pompey the Great facing right, a jug behind and a lituus before, rev. [PRAEF] / CLAS ET OR / MARIT EX S C, Neptune standing left, wearing diadem, his right foot on a prow, holding aplustre and cloak, the Catanaean brothers stand either side, bearing their parents on their shoulders, 3.92g., 9h (Crawford 511/3a; Sydenham 1344; RBW 1785; Sear Imperators 334; Woytek 'Arma et Nummi' p. 558). Attractively toned with an excellent portrait, extremely fine.

Ex Spink Auction 5014, 28 September 2005, lot 391