Scotland James VI gold Double Crown

Scotland James VI gold Double Crown

Scotland, James VI (1567-1625), gold Double Crown, tenth Coinage (1609-25), initial mark thistle, crowned bust right within beaded circles and legend, initial mark thistle, IACOBVS. D.G. MAG. BRIT. FRAN. ET. HIB. REX. rev. crowned quartered shield of arms, I to left, R to right, HENRICVS. ROSAS. REGNA. IACOBVS, 4.99g (S.5466). A little double struck, weak in parts, good very fine rare.

The abbreviated Latin legends translate as on the obverse "James by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland" and on the reverse as "Henry united the Roses, James the Kingdoms," a legend that is exclusive to this reign. This tenth coinage of the reign was struck in 22 carat gold.


Ex Lt. Col. J K R Murray, Spink Auction 57, 29th April 1987, lot 28.
Ex St James Auction 30, 29th September 2014, lot 251 (£6,800 hammer).


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