Richard II Noble, Tower Mint, type IVa

Richard II Noble, Tower Mint, type IVa

Richard II (1377-99), gold Noble, Tower Mint, type IVa, obverse legend with scallop shell after DI and GRA, pellet on rudder? King standing in ship with upright sword and quartered shield, flag at stern of ship, beaded circle surrounding, RIC ARDx DI*GRA* REXx AnGL' xZx FRAnCxx DnSx hIBx Zx AQ T, rev. R at centre of ornamental cross with lis terminals, crowns over lions in angles, all within a beaded and linear tressure, fleurs in spandrels, legend +IhC'x AVTEm'x TRAnSIEnSxx PERxx mEDIV'x ILLORVxx IBAT, 7.55g (Schneider ---; Webb Ware 4a; N.1304; S.1658). Rim a little ragged at upper left of obverse, two small raised die flaws on reverse legend, otherwise very fine and extremely rare with the scallop shell in legend rather than on rudder of ship, no example in the Schneider collection.

The abbreviated Latin legends translate as on the obverse "Richard by the Grace of God, King of England and France and Lord of Ireland and Aquitaine"; and on the reverse "But Jesus, passing through the midst of them, went His way" taken from the Bible.


Ex A H Baldwin, purchased 1st April 2005.


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