Release of Giles Strangways, 1648.

Release of Giles Strangways, 1648.

Charles I / Restoration, Release of Giles Strangways 1648, large Silver Medal by John Roettier, struck c.1670, bust right, ÆGIDIVS. STRANGWAYS. DE. MELBVRY. IN. COM. DORCESTER. ARMIGER., rev. the White Tower (Tower of London) with the Royal Standard flying, DECVSQVE. ADVERSA. DEDERVNT., in exergue INCARCERATVS SEPT 1645 LIBERATVS APR 1648, 60mm (Eimer 153; MI i 333/177). Extremely fine with original surfaces and attractive old collection tone. A truly beautiful example of this impressive medal.

A Royalist Member of Parliament during the Civil War, Strangways was persecuted by Cromwell and imprisoned in the Tower of London for two and a half years.

John Roettier was chief engraver at the Royal Mint from 1670-1689.