Charles II, Coronation, 1661.

Charles II, Coronation, 1661.

Charles II, Coronation, 1661, Medal by Thomas Simon, crowned and draped bust right, CAROLVS. II. D.G. ANG. SCO. FR. ET. HI. REX., rev THE King enthroned, crowned by Peace, flying above, EVERSO. MISSVS. SVCCVRRERE. SECLO. XXIII. APR. 1661, 29mm (Eimer 221; MI i 472/76). About extremely fine with old cabinet tone.


This is the official Royal Mint issue and Thomas Simon charged £110 for its execution.

The obverse of the medal is sometimes seen combined with the reverse of Simon's 1660 Pattern Broad (North 2776). An example of that combination sold at auction in 2013 in the USA for $18,000.


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