Charles I, Scottish Coronation, 1633.

Charles I, Scottish Coronation, 1633.

Charles I (1625-1649), Scottish Coronation, 1633, Silver Medal by N Briot, crowned and draped bust left, CAROLVS . D:G . SCOTIÆ . ANGLIÆ . FR . ET . HIB . REX., rev thistle flower, HINC . NOSTRÆ . CREVERE . ROSÆ. , in exergue CORON . 18 . IVNII . 1633, B. 29mm (Eimer 123; MI i 265/60). Good very fine.


Variety with small cross on crown.

The medal was struck from more than one set of dies and in different thicknesses. One has an inscribed edge and was presumably for presentation to Charles himself, and perhaps immediate family or supporters, as he is believed to have carried one in his pocket. The present example is struck from different dies from both the gold and the silver specimens illustrated by Eimer. A further example does not include the artist's initial "B" and is perhaps therefore "after Briot".


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