Maurice Tiberius, Gold Consular Solidus

Maurice Tiberius, Gold Consular Solidus

Maurice Tiberius (A.D. 582-602), Gold Consular Solidus. Mint of Constantinople. D N MAVRC TIb PP AVG, full figure of Maurice, as Consul, enthroned facing, wearing a crown and consular robes, and holding a mappa and a cross, rev. VICTORI-A AVGG Δ, Angel standing facing, holding a long rho-headed cross and a globus cruciger, CONOB in exergue, 4.48g., 6h (S 474; MIB 2). Broad flan, lightly toned, a little softly-struck at centre of reverse, otherwise extremely fine and very rare.

Ex Hunt Collection, Sotheby's, New York, 1990, lot 147.
Ex Stack's, 12 January 2009, lot 3113.