Magnus Maximus, Gold Solidus

Magnus Maximus, Gold Solidus

Magnus Maximus (A.D. 383-388), Gold Solidus. Mint of Treveri, struck A.D. 383-4. D N MAG MA-XIMVS P F AVG, rosette-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust facing right, rev. RESTITVTOR REIPVBLICAE, Emperor standing front, head right, holding a labarum and Victory on a globe, a star on left, SMTR in exergue, 4.40g., 6h (RIC 76; Depeyrot 50/1; Biaggi 2309). Lightly toned, extremely fine and rare.

Ex Henry Platt Hall Collection, Part II, Glendining's, 16 November 1950, lot 2082
Ex UBS 78, 9 September 2008, lot 2000