Heraclius, Gold Solidus

Heraclius, Gold Solidus

Heraclius (A.D. 610-641), Gold Solidus. Mint of Jerusalem, struck c. A.D. 610. dN hERACLI-US PP AVG, draped and cuirassed bust facing, with the features of Focas, wearing a crown and holding a cross, rev. VICTORIA AVGU IΠ, Angel standing facing, holding a rho-headed cross and a globus cruciger, CONOB in exergue, 4.55g., 6h (Sear 850; DO 186; MIB 76). Lightly toned over lustre, nearly extremely fine, extremely rare.

Purchased from Crédit Suisse, Zurich, May 1986
Ex Stack's, 12 January 2009, lot 3137


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