Henry VI Noble Rosette-Mascle issue

Henry VI Noble Rosette-Mascle issue

Henry VI, first reign (1422-61), gold Noble of six shillings and eight pence, Calais Mint, rosette-mascle issue (1430-31), King standing in ship with upright sword and quartered shield, flag at stern, annulet by sword arm, rosette stops in abbreviated Latin legend, h EnRIC'* DI'* GRA'* REX* AnGL'* Z* FRAnC'* DnS* hyB'*, rev. h at centre, ornate cross with floriate lis terminals, crown over lion in angles, lis above lion's head in second quarter, all within beaded and linear tressure of eight arcs, large fleurs in spandrels, initial mark fleur de lis, rosette stops with mascle after PER in abbreviated Latin legend, initial mark fleur de lis, +IhC'*AVT'* TRAnSIEnS* PER<> mEDIVm* ILLORV'* IBAT, first S over C in legend, weight 6.94g (Schneider 315; N.1440; S.1818). Crisp strike with light toning, has been graded and slabbed by PCGS as MS64, the finest graded of this variety, extremely rare.

PCGS certification 895117.64/36045654.


The abbreviated Latin legends translate as on the obverse "Henry by the Grace of God, King of England and France and Lord of Ireland"; and on the reverse "But Jesus, passing through the midst of them, went His way" taken from the Bible.


The "rosette-mascle" issue of gold and silver denominations is so-named on account of the use of these symbols in the stops of the legend upon these coins both sides which feature nearly always one mascle (diamond shaped device) and small rosettes. From the latest estimation based on contemporary and hoard evidence, this issue was minted for perhaps less than a year, from some time in 1430 until August of 1431 and this piece represents the last issue of gold coins from the Calais Mint.



Bought privately from Spink and Son Ltd. August 1995.

Ex Spink Coin Auction 1012, 2nd December 2010, lot 887.

Ex N.G.S.A. 30th Anniversary sale, Switzerland, 3rd December 2018, lot 243.


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