Henry VI gold Salut d'Or Rouen

Henry VI gold Salut d'Or Rouen

Henry VI, King of England and France (1422-53), gold Salut D'Or, Rouen Mint, second issue (issued from 6th September 1423), standing figures of Virgin Mary and Angel Gabriel behind shields of France and England, sun rays above, AVE on scroll downwards between, Latin legend and beaded borders surrounding, initial mark lion, hENRICVS: DEI: GRA: FRACORV: Z: AGLIE: REX, pellet in annulet below last letter both sides, rev. Latin cross, lis to left, lion to right, h below, tressure of ten arcs surrounding, lis on each cusp, Latin legend and beaded border surrounding, initial mark lion, mullet stops, XPC'*VINCIT* XPC'* REGNAT* XPC'* ImPERAT, weight 3.47g (Elias 270; SCH 114; AGC 386F dies 1/b; S.8164). Toned, flan a little undulating, some small nicks and handling marks, good very fine.

The abbreviated Latin legend translates as on obverse "Henry, by the grace of God, King of France and England" and on the reverse "Christ conquers, Christ reigns, Christ commands."


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