George VI 1947 Proof Sixpence

George VI 1947 Proof Sixpence

George VI (1936-52), Proof cupro-nickel Sixpence, 1947, V.I.P. issue, bare head left, initials HP below neck for Humphrey Paget, legend and toothed border surrounding, GEORGIVS VI D:G: BR: OMN: REX rev. crowned GRI, date either side, KG below for Kruger Gray, legend FID. DEF. .IND. IMP with SIXPENCE below, edge milled (Bull 4256-7; Davies 2201; S4105). Cloudy uneven tone, otherwise as struck and extremely rare.

The Proof coins of 1947 are all extremely rare and were only issued for very important purposes (hence V.I.P. issue) for giving to dignitaries or for foundation stone sets. It is generally assumed that no more than 10 to 15 examples of such VIP coins would have been issued but mintage figures are unknown. The Bull reference has duplicated listings for proof coins of 1947, when in fact there is only one kind of proof coin for most years and denominations in this reign and the next.


Ex Alfred Bole Collection, Dix Noonan and Webb, 26th September 2011, lot 1514.