George IV 1821 Sixpence

George IV 1821 Sixpence

George IV (1820-30), silver Sixpence, 1821, first laureate head left, B.P. for Benedetto Pistrucci below neck, legend and toothed border surrounding, GEORGIUS IIII D: G: BRITANNIAR: REX F:D: rev. first crowned quartered shield of arms, with an escutcheon of the Arms of Hanover, emblems surrounding, ANNO 1821 below (Bull 2421; Davies 251; ESC 1654; S.3813). Attractively toned, proof-like uncirculated.

The first year for the coinage of King George IV; the Sixpence has a reported Calendar year mintage of 868,280.


The Latin legends translates on obverse as "George IV by the Grace of God, King of the Britains, Defender of the Faith," and on reverse as "in the year 1821."