George II 1751 Crown

George II 1751 Crown

George II (1727-60), silver Crown, 1751, older laureate and draped bust left, GEORGIUS.II. DEI.GRATIA. toothed border around rim both sides, rev. crowned cruciform shields, garter star at centre, legend M.B.F.ET.H. REX. F.D.B. ET.L.D.S.R.I.A.T ET.E. edge inscribed in raised letters .DECVS. ET. TVTAMEN. ANNO REGNI. VICESIMO QVARTO, weight 30.18g (Bull 1671; ESC 128; S.3690). Series of old light parallel scratches on face, possibly flan adjustment marks, otherwise toned extremely fine and a rare date.

The Latin legends translate to on obverse "George II by the Grace of God" continuing on the reverse in abbreviated Latin which if in shown in full reads "Magnae Britanniae Franciae ET Hiberniae Rex Fidei Defensor Brun ET Lunebergen-sis Dux, Sacri Romani Imperii Archi-Thesaurius ET Elector" and translates as "King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, Duke of Brunswick and Luneberg, High Treasurer and Elector of the Holy Roman Empire."


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