Edward VI 1553 Crown 3 over 2

Edward VI 1553 Crown 3 over 2

Edward VI (1547-53), fine silver Crown, 1553, the 3 struck over a 2, armoured King with sword on horseback right, horse with decoration, date 1553 below, the date officially altered from a 2 on the dies, linear and beaded circles surrounding, mint mark tun for Tower Mint, Latin legend with E of King's name over a retrograde E, :EDWARD; VI: D': G': AGL': FRA':Z: HIBER': REX: rev. long cross fourchée over quartered shield of arms, circles and legend surrounding, POSVI DEV': A DIVTOR E; MEV; weight 30.59g (N.1933; S.2478). Toned with some light surface marks and nicks, weak in parts otherwise a bold very fine and the rarest and final date for the reign.

The Latin legends translate as on the obverse "Edward VI by the Grace of God, King of England, France and Ireland" and on the reverse "I have made God my helper" a Psalm from the Bible.


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