Edward IV gold Half Ryal

Edward IV gold Half Ryal

Edward IV, first reign (1461-70), gold Half-Ryal of five shillings, light coinage (1464-70), London Tower Mint, type VII, armoured king standing in ship, holding sword and quartered shield, rose on ship's side, flag with E at stern, Latin legend and beaded borders surrounding, ED WARD.: DI.: GRA.: REX'.: AnGL'.: Z.:F RAnC, rev. rose at centre upon radiate sun over floriated cross with lis terminals, crowns over lions in angles, within linear and beaded tressure of eight arcs, small trefoils in spandrels, Latin legend and beaded borders surrounding, trefoil stops, initial mark crown (1466-69), DomInE.: nE.: In.: FVRORE AVO' ARGVAS.: mEx, quatrefoil at end of legend, weight 3.85g (Schneider 383-387; N.1554; S.1959). Struck a little short of flan in parts of rim, otherwise good very fine and unusual die variety with quatrefoil at end of reverse legend and with F of FRANC separated from rest of word, rare.

The abbreviated Latin legends translate as on the obverse "Henry by the Grace of God, King of England and France"; and on the reverse "O Lord, rebuke me not in Thine anger" a Psalm taken from the Bible.


Dating to the light coinage period from 1465, the mint mark crown pieces date to a three year period from 1466-69 a time where most of the accounts of the Tower mint are missing, though the output must have been high at first. The coin offered herewith does not match the dies of the five similar pieces in the Schneider Collection, and differs markedly in that on the obverse, the French title has the F separated from the rest of the word by the flag at stern, and on the reverse a quatrefoil appears at the end of legend.



Ex Davissons, Cold Spring Minnesota, Auction 25, 1st February 2007, lot 108.


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