Cromford 4/9 countermark Dollar

Cromford 4/9 countermark Dollar

19th Century token issue, England, Cromford, Derbyshire, value of Four Shillings and Ninepence countermark on 1803FT Mexico City Mint, Mexico, Eight Reales of King Charles IV of Spain, 4/9 at centre, legend surrounding, CROMFORD. DERBYSHIRE. Weight 26.73g (Manville 104 this coin listed; Brunk 51150). A well struck well centred countermark, about extremely fine, host coin toned, very fine, better than usually seen, very rare.

These countermarked Spanish coins were first issued by the inventor and improver of weaving machinery Sir Richard Arkwright (1732-92) after perhaps seeing similar pieces circulating in Scotland when on his travels. It is likely these pieces were issued by his son Richard junior from circa 1790 to 1810, in which the date of this host coin falls. There are just over sixty surviving coins of this denomination for Cromford of which this is no doubt one of the better survivors.



Ex Rev. W L Gantz Collection, Glendining, 23rd June 1941, lot 1761 part.

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This coin illustrated in "Coinage and Currency in Eighteenth Century Britain, The Provincial Coinage" by David W Dykes, page 128, number 109.


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