Constantius II, Gold Solidus

Constantius II, Gold Solidus

Constantius II (A.D. 337-361), Gold Solidus. Mint of Nicomedia, struck A.D. 351-5. FL IVL COSTAN-TIVS PERP AVG, pearl-diademed, helmeted and cuirassed bust facing, slightly inclined to right, with a spear and a shield, rev. GLORIA REI PVBLICAE, Roma, holding a spear, and Constantinopolis, holding a sceptre and resting her foot on a prow, seated, supporting between them a shield inscribed VOT / XXX / MVLT / XXXX, SMNS in exergue, 4.56g., 6h (RIC 74; C 112; Depeyrot 5/1). Well-struck in high relief, lustrous, good extremely fine, a superb example.

Ex NAC 25, 2003, lot 601


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