Commonwealth 1651 gold Crown MS64

Commonwealth 1651 gold Crown MS64

Commonwealth (1649-60), gold Crown, 1651, 51 struck over 49, no stops on obverse, English shield within laurel and palm branch, legends in English language, initial mark sun, THE COMMONWEALTH OF ENGLAND, rev. English and Irish shields, value .V. above, beaded circle and legend surrounding, date at top, GOD. WITH. VS. (cf.Shneider 359; N.2719; S.3212). Striking flaw on value on reverse otherwise extremely fine and rare, the Schneider example from a different die with the date differently overstruck, has been slabbed and graded by NGC as MS64.

NGC 1950232-040


Ex Jacob Y Terner Collection, hammered gold sold directly to Millennia Collection.

Ex Millennia Collection, Goldberg Auction 46, 26th May 2008, lot 313.

Ex St James Auction 16, 7th December 2010, lot 79.