Commonwealth 1651 gold Crown

Commonwealth 1651 gold Crown

Commonwealth (1649-60), gold Crown, 1651, 51 struck over 49, English shield within laurel and palm branch, legends in English language, initial mark sun without stops, THE. COMMONWEALTH. OF. ENGLAND, G of legend struck over an inverted A or small G, other letters double-struck or over smaller letters, rev. English and Irish shields, value .V. above, beaded circle and legend surrounding, date at top, GOD. WITH. VS. some letters struck over smaller letters, weight 2.31g (cf.Schneider 359; N.2719; S.3212). Attractively toned, well struck, almost extremely fine and very rare, unusual die variety.

The Commonwealth coinage produced from 1649-60 are the first British coins to carry English language legends.


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