Octavian, Silver Denarius, AEGVPTO CAPTA

Octavian, Silver Denarius, AEGVPTO CAPTA

Octavian, Silver Denarius. Uncertain Eastern mint, struck 28 B.C. CAESAR DIVI F - COS VI, bare head facing right, a small Capricorn to right below neck, rev. AEGVPTO / CAPTA, crocodile standing right, 3.77g., 9h (RIC 545; BMC 653; C 4; Sear, Imperators 432). Well-centred and struck for this issue, cabinet toning, nearly extremely fine.

This historically important issue commemorates Octavian's final victory over the opposition of Antony and Cleopatra at the battle of Actium and his annexation of Egypt. The Ptolemaic Kingdom was brought under Roman control in not quite the same way as other provinces, it became something more akin to the personal domain of the emperor. In this way, Octavian, soon to take the title Augustus, had an immense amount of wealth under his control, as well as an important supply of grain to the city of Rome. In this respect, the reverse type of this coin is celebrating a personal victory for Octavian.


Ex H. Berk 151, 1 November 2006, lot 331