Henry II Tealby Penny Carlisle

Henry II Tealby Penny Carlisle

Henry II (1154-89), silver "Tealby" Penny, type D2, Carlisle Mint, moneyer William, facing crowned bust with hand holding sceptre, Latin legend and beaded borders surrounding both sides, rev. short voided cross pattee, small cross pattee saltire in each angle, +[WILL]A [ME ON C]A., weight 1.37g (BMC 220-1; N.958/2; S.1340). Toned, flan slightly undulating, very fine for the parts of this crude issue that remain visible.

The cross and crosslets type coinage of King Henry II is more often called "Tealby" because of the enormous find of a hoard of this coinage in late 1807 which amounted to over 5,700 pieces. They were found at Bayons Manor farm near Tealby in Lincolnshire, and the first report was written in the Stamford Mercury of the 6th November 1807. From this hoard alone, 17 new mint towns for the coinage were added to what was known as of 1807, however only some 600 + pieces were saved for the national and other important private collections with 5,127 pieces deemed unworthy and sent to be melted at the Tower of London.

The Carlisle Mint silver is interesting in that it was mined locally for minting into coinage, and the coins have die links to the Newcastle Mint.



Ex G V Doubleday, Glendining, 8th June 1987, lot 904.


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