Henry I Penny, type XV, Taunton Mint, Aelfric

Henry I Penny, type XV, Taunton Mint, Aelfric

Henry I (1100-35), silver Penny, type XV (c.1125-35), Taunton Mint, moneyer Aelfric, crowned and diademed three quarter facing bust with sceptre to bottom of coin, legend and beaded borders surrounding, +hENRICVS, off the flan, rev. quadrilateral with lis apexes on cross fleury, pellet in each inner angle, Latin legend and beaded border surrounding, +Æ---- -N: TAN. weight 1.16g (BMC XV -; N.871; S.1276). Weak in parts both sides, lightly toned, uneven in shape with much of the legends off the flan, small lamination in metal on reverse, otherwise good very fine and very rare for this one moneyer Mint, thought to be unique at the time of the 1945 Glendining sale.

The Latin legends translate as "Henry" on obverse and "Aelfric of Taunton" on the reverse.



Ex Glendining, 7th November 1945, lot 285.


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