Canute helmet Penny, Bruton Mint, Aelfhelm

Canute helmet Penny, Bruton Mint, Aelfhelm

Canute (1016-35), silver helmet type Penny (1024-30), Bruton Mint, Moneyer Aelfhelm, helmeted bust left with sceptre, legend surrounding, CNVT .RECX A, rev. pellet in double annulet at centre of voided short cross, broken annulet enclosing pellet in each angle, linear circles and legend surrounding, +ÆLFEL.M ON BRIV., weight 1.00g (N.787; S.1158). Toned, flan a little undulating, some light marks, a full coin with just a couple of pecks one of which gives a slight perforation, very fine, a very rare mint indeed.

The Latin legends translate as "Canute King" on obverse and on the reverse "Aelfhelm of Bruton."

Bruton a village on the River Brue in Somerset about 12 miles from Wells, was probably fortified in Saxon times.


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