Archbishop Wulfred Swefherd Penny

Archbishop Wulfred Swefherd Penny

Wulfred (805-832), Archbishop of Canterbury, silver Penny, moneyer Swefherd, type III (pre 823), facing tonsured bust of Archbishop to edge of coin, legend surrounding commencing top right, +VVLFRED A RCHIEPI, contraction mark above last letter, rev. Dorovernia monogram, linear circle and legend surrounding, +SVVEFHERD MONETA, weight 1.35g (Naismith C47.2t this coin; S.889). Dark tone, rim chipped around bottom of obverse, some slight discolouration in tone, otherwise very fine.

Dorovernia is the Latin name for Canterbury as featured in the reverse monogram, with the legends translating as "Archbishop Wulfred" on the obverse and "Swefherd Moneyer" on reverse.



Ex Baldwin Auction 24, 10th October 2000, lot 946.


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