Aethelred II CRVX type Penny Worcester

Aethelred II CRVX type Penny Worcester

Aethelred II (978-1016), silver Penny, CRVX type (c.991-997), Worcester Mint, Moneyer Sigewine, draped bust left with sceptre, linear circle and legend surrounding, +ÆÐELRED REX ANGLORX, ORX ligatured, rev. voided cross within linear circle, CRVX letters in consecutive angles, +SIGEPINE M-O PIHRA, weight 1.79g (N.770; S.1148). Attractively toned, good very fine.

The Latin legends translate as "Aethelred King of the English" on obverse and "Sigewine of Worcester" on the reverse, the letters around the central cross mean "cross."



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