Zeugitana, Carthage, Gold Stater

Zeugitana, Carthage, Gold Stater

Zeugitana, Carthage (c. 350-320 B.C.), Gold Stater. Head of Tanit facing left, wearing a wreath of corn-ears, an earring and a necklace, rev. horse standing right, 9.28g., 5h (Jenkins & Lewis, Group IIIfg, 68; MAA 4). Of fine style, attractive red toning over lustre, some light double-striking on reverse, extremely fine.

This issue is from the early period of production of gold Staters at Carthage, when purer metal was employed. From c. 320 B.C. onwards, a higher proportion of silver was added to the Staters, resulting in the more commonly-seen Electrum issues.



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