Sicily, Leontinoi, Silver Tetradrachm

Sicily, Leontinoi, Silver Tetradrachm

Sicily, Leontinoi (c. 450-430 B.C.), Silver Tetradrachm. Head of Apollo facing right, wearing a laurel-wreath, with locks of his hair trailing down his neck, rev. LE-O-NT-IN-ON, head of a roaring lion facing right, its tongue protruding, four barley-grains around, 17.24g., 9h (Rizzo, pl. XXIII, 5; Gulbenkian 215; SNG ANS 220). A very attractive example of this beautiful issue, of superb early Classical style, a few light marks beneath toning, otherwise extremely fine.


Ex Leu 86, 5 May 2003, lot 270



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