Clodius Albinus, Silver Denarius

Clodius Albinus, Silver Denarius

Clodius Albinus (A.D. 195-197), Silver Denarius. Mint of Rome, struck as Caesar, A.D. 193-5. D CL SEPT AL-BIN CAES, bare head facing right, rev. ROMAE AET-ERNAE, Roma seated left on a shield, holding Victory and a sceptre, 3.65g., 6h (RIC 11b var.; BMC 43 var.; C 61 var. (Palladium in place of Victory on reverse)). With a very good and detailed portrait, lightly toned and nearly extremely fine, a rare variety.


Ex Numismatica Ars Classica, Auction 25, 25 June 2003, lot 503