Charles II 1670 Half-Guinea MS63

Charles II 1670 Half-Guinea MS63

Charles II (1660-85), gold Half-Guinea, 1670, first laureate head right, legend surrounding, CAROLVS.II. DEI. GRATIA, toothed border around rim both sides, rev. crowned cruciform shields, sceptres in angles, four interlinked Cs at centre, date either side of top crown, MAG. BR. FRA. ET. HIB. REX. (MCE 93; S.3347). Toned extremely fine to good extremely fine, the finest we have encountered of this date, has been slabbed and graded by NGC as MS63.

NGC certification 2056552-092


1670 is only the second year of production for the new 22 carat gold Half-Guinea. The Latin legends translate as on the obverse "Charles by the Grace of God," and abbreviated on the reverse as "King of Great Britain, France and Ireland."


Ex Myron Kaufman Collection, Spink Auction 124, November 1997, lot 1825.


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