Canute Penny Lincoln, extra cross by neck

Canute Penny Lincoln, extra cross by neck

Canute (1016-35), silver pointed helmet Penny (1024-30), Lincoln Mint, Moneyer Wulfwine, helmeted bust left with sceptre to edge of coin, cross in field behind, legend surrounding commences at top, CNVT: REX A, rev. pellet at centre of double annulet and voided short cross, pellet in broken annulet in each angle, linear circles and legend surrounding, + PVLFPINE ON LI, weight 1.00g (N.787; S.1158). Dark tone, a bold very fine and scarce.


The Latin legends translate as "Canute King of the English" on obverse and on the reverse "Wulfwine of Lincoln."

The extra cross in the field is still of unknown meaning, and is just one of a number of different symbols that are typical of the Lincoln mint moneyers at this time.



Ex Dr W J Conte, part III, Classical Numismatic Group, Triton VI, 14th January 2006, lot 1374.

Purchased from A H Baldwin & Sons Ltd, Summer 2006.


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