Calabria, Tarentum, silver Nomos

Calabria, Tarentum, silver Nomos

Calabria, Tarentum (c. 281-270 B.C.), Silver Nomos. Helmeted horseman cantering right, brandishing a spear; two further shields and a spear are on his left side, EY behind, ΦΙΝ - ΤΙΑΣ below horse, rev. TAPAΣ, Taras astride a dolphin left, holding Nike and a trident, ΠΟΛY on left, a prow beneath dolphin, 6.51g., 9h (Vlasto 720; SNG France 1892; SNG ANS 1089; HN Italy 1002). A minor scuff on reverse, attractive iridescent cabinet tone, extremely fine.

Purchased privately from Numismatica Ars Classica in 2003