Augustus, Silver Denarius

Augustus, Silver Denarius

Augustus (27 B.C. - A.D. 14), Silver Denarius, struck by M. Sanquinius, 17 B.C. DIVI F - AVGVSTVS. Bare head of Augustus facing right, rev. M SANQVI - NIVS III VIR, youthful, laureate head of deified Julius Caesar (or Genius Saeculari Novi?) facing right, a comet above with four rays and a tail, 3.85g., 5h (BMC 71; C 1; RIC 338). Two very good portraits, almost extremely fine.


This issue was struck to commemorate the Ludi Seculares (Secular Games) that were held by Augustus in 17 B.C. The Secular Games were intended to mark a New Age brought about by the Divine Julius and his heir.



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