Aethelred II Penny Watchet

Aethelred II Penny Watchet

Aethelred II (978-1016), silver Penny, second hand type (c.985-991), Watchet Mint, Moneyer Sigeric, diademed bust right with sceptre, Latin legend and linear circles surrounding, +ÆÐELRÆD REX ANGLORX, the OR ligatured, rev. hand of Providence from billowing clouds, hyphen over A over pellet to left, hyphen over w over pellet to right, Latin legend and linear circles surrounding, + SIGERIC M-O PECED, weight 1.19g (N.768; S.1146). Toned, with two small rim chips and slight perforation at inner circle, otherwise a little double struck in legend though a pleasing very fine, very rare.

The legends translate as "Aethelred, King of the English" and "Sigeric of Watchet."

Watchet is a coastal town in Somerset, nearly 17 miles north west of Taunton.



Ex Glendining, 7th November 1945, lot 275 sold for 30 Shillings.

Ex West Country Mint Collection, sold privately by A H Baldwin November 2011.

Ex Dr John Hullett Collection, part II, Dix Noonan and Webb, 12th December 2017, lot 655.


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